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Ningbo Chem-Plus Import and Export Tec. Co., Ltd. was established on Dec 29th,2009 and the sales had been exceeded 50 million yuan.

The success of independent research and development of biological latex in August 2010 filled the industry gap.It became the most popular topic in the paper industry all the year 2010 and favored by paper manufacturers both at home and abroad.
The sales exceeded 100 million yuan in 2010.

Independent research and development of improving the solid containing chemicals on starch in 2011,which made hot sale both in domestic and abroad and the product in short supply.
The sales exceeded 300 million yuan in 2011.

Ningbo Chem-Plus Import and Export Co., Ltd. was renamed Ningbo Chem-Plus New Material Technology Co., LTD on March 8th,2013.

The pulp molding oil proofing agent project was launched in 2015.It filled the gap in the domestic market with its excellent oil proofing performance.

In 2018, the strategic business cooperation about heat-sensitive of large-particle hollow ball was launched.

In 2020, the pulp molding oil proofing agent of Ningbo Chem-Plus New Material Tec. Co., Ltd. became NO.2 in the related scale market and it had surpassed most.

In 2021, with the pulp molding of non-fluorine oil proofing agent project launched, the related product performance evaluation has also been carried out in large scale.

New beginning for 2022....



JH-350N RoHS

Fluorine Free Oil Inhibitor FDA176.170

NF-75A Fluorine Free Report

Np-15 fluorine free report English version

Ns-25c fluorine free report

Scientific Research Team

Our Company has a group of management and high-tech talents, with high comprehensive quality, excellentbusiness experience and strong professional skills.We have set up an advanced scientific research laboratorywith a professional technical team led by a senior doctor in the applied chemistry field, including a Koreandoctor.

Our company integrates technical R&D and supports. Our products include high efficiency and resistance waterrepellent, environmentally friendly He kaihoko kaha maku, sizing agent(AKD), Drying cylinder stripping agent,Sensitizer for thermal paper(high-temperature type, low-temperature type), large hollow sphere, coating agent,fluorine-free water-based barrier coating, C6 oil repellent, fluorine-free oil repellent and etc. Our productshave been inspected by internationally renowned testing institutions such as SGS.

As an outstanding overseas engineer, Dr. Qian Shengyu graduated from Pusan University in South Korea. He hasbeen engaged in research for more than 20 years and participated in many international academic activities.Our company has formed a high-tech R&D team, leaded by Dr. Qian Shengyu.

Our company has established a high-level R&D laboratory, equipped with domestic and foreign equipment andinstruments. We are aimed to grasp the core of new material manufacturing technology, no matter now or future.

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